What is My Photo Space?

Instagram is notoriously limited in terms of not allowing live links in posts; and also, your Instagram profile is limited to 150 characters…even Twitter tweets can be longer than that!

So, we created a place where you could display your Instagram™ photos–and any other content (like text, links, graphics, etc) you can put on a web page–using an easy-to-remember URL (myphoto.space) followed by your Instagram username. For example, photographer Michael Grace-Martin’s Instagram username is mgmsphone; so his My Photo Space URL is myphoto.space/mgmsphone.

A My Photo Space page is basically a WordPress page that you are free to edit as much as you like. You can include images, text, links, and there’s also a widget you can use to display some of your Instagram photos on the page in grid format. Here’s an example of the widget:

In an attempt to limit unending spam posts to this website, we have instituted a nominal one-time charge of $4.95 to set up a page. Once your page is set up, it’s yours forever*; you will not be charged again. You will receive a WordPress login that allows you to edit your page.

So, the $4.95 gives you access to a single page at myphoto.space/[your Instagram username]. It’s as simple as that.

If you’d like to purchase your own My Photo Space page, go to our nifty order page.

Remember: once you’ve got a My Photo Space page, don’t forget to put the URL of the new page in your Instagram profile!

*as long as MyPhoto.space exists